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The Centre for Progressive Capitalism’s research is focused on democratising all aspects of the economy including access to technical education, land, capital and support for innovation, while ensuring that a firm’s owners can effectively scrutinise the managers in control.


Increasing skills levels in the workforce by improving access to technical education


Making land more available to support higher productivity growth and cheaper housing


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Enabling businesses to innovate and grow by improving access to finance


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Improving the way companies are run to provide savers with good returns through reforming governance institutions

Latest Research

How the chancellor can boost infrastructure investment by £180bn

The chancellor should change the way the uplift in land values from infrastructure investment is captured to help boost investment by £180bn over the next 20 years and to make the economy work for everyone

Report: Rebalancing the UK economy – A post-Brexit industrial strategy

An industrial strategy should address the persistent overvaluation of sterling and the failure to develop an appropriate system of technical education

Are there too many hairdressers and not enough bricklayers?  

Without a better understanding of the skills mismatches holding back local economies, devolution will not make much difference