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The Centre for Progressive Capitalism’s research on governance aims to improve the way companies are run to provide savers with good returns through reforming governance institutions.

The research is focused on three key areas:

  • Reform of the UK’s pension system: exploring the impact of scale in pension funds to improve corporate governance by shifting influence towards pension fund trustees.
  • Long-term shareholding and executive remuneration: demonstrating the economic benefit of long-term shareholding, and ensuring remuneration is linked to results.
  • The role of corporate boards: diversity, independence, the role of CFOs and non-executive remuneration packages.

Latest Research

Bigger is better for pension funds

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Scaling-up pensions schemes would not just increase savers’ retirement incomes, it could have a significant impact on corporate governance and lead to better long-term returns

The image is Vertical Limit by Paul Bica, published under CC BY 2.0