Radwonfox - site of new victoria gate leeds - flickr, pinterest

The Centre for Progressive Capitalism’s research on housing aims to make land more available to support higher productivity growth and cheaper housing.

The research is focused on three key areas:

  • Fiscal reform to encourage more efficient use of land: analysing the effect of council tax and business rates on rents and why rents continue to grow faster than wages and profits.
  • The impact of unproductive investment in the property sector: assessing capital flows into existing assets and what impact this has on driving up house prices, rents and welfare costs.
  • Reforming land markets so they benefit all of society: evaluating changes to the land compensation scheme in conjunction with the devolution of housing powers to city regions to help drive up rates of house building.

Latest Research

The image is Site of the new Victoria Gate development in Leeds by rawdonfox, published under CC BY 2.0